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Monday, July 13, 2009

republicans continue to invent own reality

I'd like to offer Sarah Palin the same advice that usually given to people whose abilities don't equal their grand ambitions - don't quit your day job, but I guess it's too late for that.

Now would someone please wake her enabler, her creator, the guy that opened the Pandora's Box of stupid Grandpa and break the news to him gently?

"Oh,I don't think she quit," said Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 who plucked Palin out of near-obscurity and made her a household name. "I think she changed her priorities." For now, though, Palin isn't detailing those priorities.

Just think, he could have been president now if he'd picked a different running mate.

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dr kildare said...

he'd ahve got nowhere near without here methinks.she was one of those love/hate figures.she bought die hard republicans out to vote at the same time as driving middle of the road swing voters to obama