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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend uke blogging

the original

My best guess is that Ms. Turner is somewhere north of 45 in this video, as it would be after the release of here 1984 mega hit album Private Dancer, which featured this song, the proper video of which is here. She appeared with Beyonce last year.

the cover - Danielle may not be able to rock the high heels like Tina, but check her out without those glasses!

and what is Tina Turner doing nowadays you ask - well, she toured last year. We should all look and sound so good at 68.


RossK said...

There are many, many fine Uke performers out there....I'm not so sure, however, that there is anyone more talented than Danielle however.

Here is a very nice cover (and a favorite of my youngest daughter, littler e.) where Danielle is NOT playing the Uke.

Unknown said...

RossK - welcome back ! I was starting to worry that you had fallen in some chilly river or dropped your paddle in the rapids or something.