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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attention must be paid

I know I've been a lazy blogger lately, and aside from obsessively watching Bill Mason movies, learning how to make podcasts and searching for a new job 2000 km away, I have no real excuse. I don't normally like to post entries that are little more than a link to another blogger, but in the case of this absolutely first-rate post by a less famous blogger I will make an exception and enthusiastically recommend that you go read one of the best things I've read in while by one of my favorite bloggers, the always thoughtful Willie Loman.

(and by "less famous" I don't mean "less famous than me" -- no one is that obscure -- I mean the blogger in question is not one of those five-post-a-day, read-by-thousands-daily types, but damn it, he should be!)

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