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Monday, May 31, 2010

i think i may have a new favorite movie

Nominated for best picture in 1965 and beaten by the Sound of Music.

"Nick in a moment, you're going to see a horrible thing"
        "What's that?"
"People going to work"

for those with shorter attention spans -- the music

I may be the first to say this in about 75 years, but Lee Morse -- hubba hubba!


WILLY said...

hubba hubba > LOL

SeattleDan said...

I'm so glad you liked A Thousand Clowns. It was a movie that helped shaped my late teens.

And Lee Morse! Yes! Hubba Hubba, to quote Willy.

democommie said...

iT'S a homasekshul versOIn of "Harold and Maude"! eleventyone!!

I loves me some Jason Robards--and Eli Wallach, too.

Rev.Paperboy said...

hah! Harold and Maude being another of my all-time favorites. The two films definitely share a certain vibe.