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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Is there something in the water supply in Arizona?

Or are people there just being taught to be racist dingbats?
Apparently an elementary school in Prescott, Az., allowed the students to vote on what kind of mural they would like to decorate the school with and the kids chose a painting of themselves. Professional artists were called in and worked with the kids to create a mural on the exterior of the school that portrayed the students attending the institution. The problem, apparently, is that some of the students have the temerity to not be white! And so local knuckledraggers, encouraged by (surprise, surprise, surprise!) a local radio talk show host and city councilman, took to driving by and shouting racist epithets at the school and the kids working on the mural.
So in response the principal organized groups of kids to shower the cars of the racist fuckknuckles with bricks and molotov cocktails as they drove by ordered the skin tones of the African American and Latino kids in the mural to be lightened. Nice example to set, Captain Courageous.

On the plus side, now that this story has hit the national press, the radio host, city councilman Steve Blair, has been fired from the radio station. However, he is still a member of the city council and a giant racist douche bag.

Just listen to him in this brief interview in which he is given every chance to backpeddle or reconsider being a racist douche bag and yet, still insists on there is nothing wrong with his actions and that his encouraging people to terrorize a bunch of third graders is all about "freedom."

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Tom said...

Yes, there IS something in the water. Arizona has gone nuts. It has been legal to carry a concealed gun there for many years, but you first had to take a gun law and gun safety course to get a permit to do so. Apparently, requiring people to have half a clue as to what they are doing before they strap on their pistols for a trip to McDonald's is an infringement on their freedoms. But now the sate has eased that burden: http://tinyurl.com/y84u22x

Tom said...

In that last comment I meant to type "state," not "sate." You probably figured that out.

Unknown said...

oooh, spot the copy editor!