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Thursday, January 06, 2011

"and then he"ll settle down in a quiet little town and forget about everything"

RIP Gerry Rafferty -- I guess he never managed to "give up the booze and the one night stands."

My oldest friend had this single and we listened to it endlessly in the summer of '78 as we hung out in his backyard, much to considerable annoyance of his neighbours, I'm sure. Stealer's Wheel was a pretty good band. And City to City is still a great record. Apparently his first band included Billy Connolly.



Dana said...

I've been very reflective since yesterday's news of his death.

City to City is one of my personal top 10 albums.

His last is a pretty good kick at the can too actually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_World_%28Gerry_Rafferty_album%29

Last night after being taken to the Canucks/Flames game I was also taken out to a very cool bar downtown called The Keefer Bar...on Keefer street if you can credit that.

I asked the young DJ if she had any Gerry Rafferty and she didn't know who I was talking about. Sad. I told her to find C2C and add it to her stax. I hope she does.

Unknown said...

What self-respecting DJ doesn"t have a copy of Baker Street, Right Down the Line or at the very least Stuck in the Middle with You?
These danged kids today with their hip-hopping and their Justin Beaver and their baggy pants and sex box video games - they can all get the heck off my lawn!

Dana said...

No fat back beat to speak of. That's it I figger.

She played a really old Stevie W tune - from Fullingness First Finale I think - and she'd fattened up the bottom so much I didn't recognize it at first.

Dana said...

Hey Rev give a listen to this. From that last album of Rafferty's I spoke of. This would fit perfectly on a 2011 DJs playlist eh wot?


Otter said...


That's a great track. I'll have to run out and pick up Another World.

I am with you on C2C. Next time I see the Rev.Paperboy, I'll be sure he gets a chance to listen to the album in it's entirety.

What you say Rev.? A little snooker? Gerry? and rumour has it there may be a little beer in the fridge...

Unknown said...

sounds good to me Otter! let me discuss details with Mrs. Rev. Paperboy and the little Deacons and I will give you a ring.

Unknown said...

...we might even have to bust out the gee-tars

Otter said...

Just bought a new one...and Santa brought Otterette #1 a new one for Christmas...Left handed no less!