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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

In which I am cited in passing

 While virtually nothing from the lengthy (and very longwinded on my part) interview she did with me made it into the story, a nice piece on who is and who isn't a real journalist by Ryerson Review of Journalism Managing Editor (Online) Michelle Medford cites my Fisking of Christie Blatchford's column on who she thinks is (Christie Blatchford and most other Globe employees) and isn't (everyone else) a journalist in light of the arrests of numerous reporters during the G20 police riots.

Ms. Medford is also an aspiring film critic who blogs at cinefilles.



Pale said...

Defending the corporate media. That is the vibe I get.

Lots of quotes from Paid-for-media, very little from bloggers, besides you.
Ethical standards? They write as they are told. Nothing more. :)

steve said...

keep on keepin' on, Rev.