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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth will out eventually

They've tried sandbagging the parliamentary committees involved, they've tried smearing the witnesses, they've tried wrapping themselves in the flag and "our brave men and women in uniform" - they've even tried shutting down Parliament. But the government's complicity in and attempts to cover- up the torture of detainees in Afghanistan is not going to go away. 



Anonymous said...

In a carefully arranged ceremony at a naval dock in Halifax, Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced last month that the three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are to be renamed: its sea element as the “Royal Canadian Navy,” its air element as the “Royal Canadian Air Force,” and its land element as the “Canadian Army”.

Widely interpreted as the use of a “wedge issue” to rally its base among the most right wing elements of Canadian society, the Harper government’s name change has indeed received vocal support from military officers and far-right commentators in the corporate media and academia. The implications of this move, however, extend beyond crude electoral calculation. The restoration of the traditional “royal” moniker to the air force and navy is part of a drive by the Conservatives to overhaul the official symbols of the state and to fashion a new Canadian national identity more attuned to the imperialist aims of the ruling elite.

Names have a certain political significance. Though the rose of the Canadian military will smell no sweeter under its new designation, the name change exemplifies the ideological shift pursued by the new Conservative majority government. As the Canadian capitalist class has ever more vigorously asserted its imperialist interests abroad, and employed increasingly anti-democratic methods of rule to enforce its agenda of austerity domestically, its servants in the Harper government have contemptuously discarded the “peaceful” and “liberal- social democratic” Canadian nationalism promoted by the Liberal governments of the 1960s and 1970s and sought to promote the military and the Crown as sacrosanct elements of “what it means to be Canadian.”

thwap said...

i notice from your link that harper is fighting tooth an nail to hide the reality that he's totally innocent of war crimes.

Wait a minute. That makes no sense.

The whole reason harper is trying to quash all investigations into his behaviour MUST be because he's as guilt of sin of complicity in torture.