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Sunday, October 02, 2011


 Poor, poor Dick Cheney. He feels he has been grievously wronged and is waiting for an apology. How dare the uppity Keyan Muslim socialist usurper suggest that President Cheney and his fatuous meatpuppet Dubya (who is either too drunk to be allowed in public by his keepers or may actually have enough brains to keep his fool mouth shut since leaving office) overreacted to the events of Sept. 11, 2001!
Just because Dick Cheney and his pals murdered a couple of hundred thousand people in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, a country that the United States continues to occupy and will for the foreseeable future. Just because Dick Cheney and his pals embraced torture, made people disappear into secret prisons, practiced assassination, suspended habeas corpus and generally wiped their asses with the Constitution all in the name of security,
Just because Dick Cheney and his pals played on the fears of the traumatized American public to empty the U.S. treasury for the enrichment of their friends in the oil and security industries.
Just because Dick Cheney and his pals, for their own political advantage, engendered a climate of fear and elevated the domestic security forces to the point where every tiny one horse town now has have its own SWAT team and armoured car, police feel free to mace peaceful protesters and taser children, and fighter jets are scrambled because someone swarthy spend a few too many minutes in the airplane's toilet or happens to mutter to themselves in a language other than american.
Just because Dick Cheney and his pals shrieked "traitor"  and evoked the holy martyrs of 9/11 (the most important, specialest and utterly innocent people to have died at any point in history, not like those sneaky dirty throngs of African kids who starve to death every day or those terrorist Palestinian kids whose schools and homes the Israelis keep blowing up)  any time anyone even expressed the mildest of doubts about anything the administration did from tapping everyone's phone to cutting taxes for millionaires.
Just because of all the blood Dick Cheney spilled, the treasure he squandered and stole and the myriad horrors he ordered inflicted, Barack Obama had the unmitigated gall to say the Cheney administration overreacted to 9/11 and now Dick Cheney is waiting for an apology.
As far as I'm concerned he should get one, just as soon as he personally apologizes, face to face, one at a time to every single person left alive in Iraq. Just as soon as he apologizes to Valerie Plame and about 300 million other americans - I imagine the guy he shot in the face would at least like to hear an "oops, my bad" - for the various ways he has screwed them and made their country a worse place.
After he gets done making all those apologies, then I think Obama should apologize to Cheney and clarify his remarks......... preferrably while testifying at Cheney's trial at The Hague.


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RossK said...

And just, what was it that Joseph Wilson did NOT find in Africa again?

Oh ya, here it is, with Mr. Cheney's scribbles and notes in the margin about Mr. Wilson's wife.

You know, the woman who was a covert CIA agent that Mr. Cheney's chosen cut-outs soon outed.