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Friday, January 13, 2012

Beatles Reunion!

And a bunch of other stuff I found

  • Now that Stephen Colbert is sort of running for the Republican nomination and outpolling Jon Huntsman in South Carolina, does that mean he will be included in the Republican leadership debates? (Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)
  • Another reason where I live is cooler than where you live. And that's not counting the new outdoor rink at city hall.
  • It is Friday, so naturally you are listening to Driftglass and Blue Gal on the Professional Left podcast. Any other activity would be a less-productive use of your time and theirs
  • No one can possibly be surprised by this, though the fact that the person who got rich giving so many Americans diabetes will now get richer by promoting diabetes medication is really an "only in America" moment.
  • Predictable despicable douchebag, as predicted, behaves in a predictably despicable douchy way
  • Meanwhile, in the Excited States the militarization of your local police force continues. 
  • Copy editor humour  
  • That whirring sound you hear is Comrade Che spinning in his grave. If we could hook a generator up to him, he could light up South America all over again.
  • From our Very Short Answers to Stupid Questions dept. Yes. Supporting evidence here (It's nice when the fish swim into the barrel and hand you a grenade like that)



    Beijing York said...

    Got a 404 page with this link:

    behaves in a predictably despicable douchy manner

    And I am still curious. And that Paula Deens photo is perfect.

    Rev.Paperboy said...

    Fixed it! Thanks for the heads up.

    David said...

    As a Londoner, we refuse to acknowledge what we all know to be true; that Guelph is cooler. Ouch, it hurts even to type it. In our defense, we have three outdoor rinks, two which are free and downtown and close to good coffee and alcohol. So there. As for music, we have Fucking Jim Chapman and the Incontinentals and their new shitty song about London.

    If Colbert comes in 4th in SC, he might have a shot, but if the rules are bent to allow Perry to debate, then they'll be ignored to disallow an "unserious candidate".