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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The joy of books

A little something in honour of my 50 book project.

(for Dan and Tammy)



Alexis Shabadoo Jr. said...

I hate to shit in the pool (Do I really?), but this is how you do a book review.

Now that's production value and a commitment to literature.

SeattleDan said...

Thank you, Rev! I love the video. I always wondered what the books were doing whilst we slept.

Unknown said...

David, that isn't shitting in the pool, that's more like explosive diarrhea in the jacuzzi. Amazing how Pasty and his lisping sidekick have the balls to comment on books they clearly haven't understood or in some cases even read. That video is two years old so I'm guessing Patsy no longer has enough hair at the front to keep his mullet. That jacket however is easily the sartorial equivalent.

Alexis Shabadoo Jr. said...

Overly confident with any reason to be so? Classic Twatsy. Awesome hair too. So 80s, so tragic.