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Monday, February 27, 2012

More surprising news!

 A Liberal party staffer has admitted to being behind the @Vikileaks30 campaign on Twitter. As observed at the time, apparently it is okay for Vic Toews to push a bill he hasn't read that would allow warrentless access to Canadians' internet usage and history, but repeating already published information about Vic Toews' love child, divorce and romance with his kids' babysitter or the fact that the former justice minister and current minister of public safety was convicted of breaking the campaign finance laws in 1999 is apparently worse than a thousand Hitlers squared because that is a personal attack on a politician.


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David said...

I don't want to read the endless stream of morons screaming about "leaks" when the information about Toews behaviour is public knowledge. It is available to the public, not a leak, no need to apologise. But these are facts, and there is a narrative that must be maintained, so I will play with Legos and fume.