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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I don't usually read the horoscopes, but this one is spot on

 Sagittarius It's true that no man is an island, but all bullshit humanistic hand-wringing aside, it's totally okay to be happy that malignant Breitbart asshole is gone forever.

 My sympathies to his wife and children. By all accounts he was a devoted family man and I'm sure they will miss him. It is always sad for friends and family when someone dies at such a  relatively young age.

It is also sad that this is the only nice thing I can think of to say about Andrew Breitbart.
Smart Patrol, who is considerably less sympathetic,  has much, much more to say over at A Drop of the Hard Stuff



democommie said...

Gosh, someone who is less PC than me; whodathunkit!

David said...

I'm going to take issue with "devoted family man". To me, that means not being a screaming, drunken mess in public, and not providing embarrassing grist for the mill that could come back to haunt your family. I find it difficult, but I manage (just barely); Andrew failed my litmus test on every occasion.

If we are changing the term to mean "will lie and cheat to improve family's finances", then yes. A good family man.

Sure I sound cranky, but having the chemicals looming overhead, waiting for them to drop, is starting to unnerve me.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Point well made David, I tend to agree. At least my inebriated antics are all off camera.

democommie said...

Dear Rev. Paperboy, Sir:

"Point well made David, I tend to agree. At least my inebriated antics are all off camera."

Sure they are, Sir. You've made a number of powerful enemies (I'm not sure what the conversion scale is for Candahoovian scumbags v our corn-fed and steroid enhanced lower 48 bad guys) and they ARE keepin' an eye on you. Just sayin.