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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Which side are you on, MacKay?

Conservative legacy hire Peter MacKay, Minister of Defence and CPC capo for Atlantic Canada, gives a speech at the French Embassy on Bastille Day (video not an exact match, but you get the idea)

This illustrates a few things: First, that MacKay knows as much about history as he does geography. Second, that he must write his own speeches and may think he is American. Third, the millions of dollars the CPC has decided to spend celebrating the War of 1812 hasn't been spent on briefing cabinet members on what the War of 1812 actually was.
I bet as part of the cutbacks, they brought in a highly-paid consultant who just made them watch this movie trailer and told them it was a documentary made up of contemporary newsreel footage. It would have to be newsreel film, everybody knows they didn't have videotape back in the early 19th century, right Minister MacKay?



Beijing York said...

LOLOLOL! I was warned not to have a drink on hand :-)

West End Bob said...

What BY said, Rev.!

Unfortunately, I didn't take Boris' advice to not have a beverage in hand - Sprayed a bit of the bubbly while guffawing at the second trailer . . . .

democommie said...

I see a lot of Canadahoovian angst on display here, but how much is that in REAL MURKKKAN sturm und drang?

I mean you've got Harper; and, yeah, he's a fuckweasel. But I mean, FUCK, we have dozens of U.S. Senators and Reps that make him look like a sane and normal man. And I'll raise you, ROMNEY!! I mean, a fuckton'O'fuckweaselry in every campaign commercial.


Kevin Wood said...

Democommie does have a point.
Don't forget, as they tell us in the closing montage, Bluto does go on to be Senator Blutarski. And he'd still be smarter than Louie Gohmert or Alan West or Michelle Bachmann or any number of other walking cartoon that populate American politics. We in Canada have our Rob Anders and our Vic Toews, even characters like Myron Thompson, M.P. for Getoffamylawn Atla., and yes Baird is the the MP for Shouty-Fingerwag Ont. but none of them would even be considered to be much off the beaten track in Congress.