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Monday, August 06, 2012

Tell me again how 'government can't do anything'

 These are photos from Mars, taken by a nuclear-powered truck that a bunch of hairless monkeys landed there by remote-control sky-crane from a planet away. I was able to download them from the internet less than 20 minutes after the aformentioned atomic space truck landed. Doing so cost about one fifth of the cost of the London Olympics.
Sometimes our species disgusts me and makes me wonder how we ever made it out of the caves.
Sometimes not so much.



democommie said...

And you just know that the first thing that the Whirled Nuts Daily will rant about is how the gummintroborocket's tryin' to is convert the Marshmallons into atheists and make them accept deathpanelhealthcare.

Anonymous said...

Here's one "Lady" Margaret Wente (sic) would never have dared add to her list of "7 things you can't say in Canada."
Mike Harris is a murderer!! Okay, not a murderer, but it got your attention, didn't it? Wouldn't it be fair to say that there were several vital factors that played a part in the deaths of those seven people in Walkerton back in 2000?
1. Walkerton's water testing process had been privatized back in 1996 by Harris.
2. Cutbacks on appropriate water testing by the Harris government, exacerbated by the fact that the operators for the Walkerton Public Utilities Commission negligently failed to monitor the condition of the water re: failure to regulate the amount of chlorine being added to it. Now, let's be (sort of) fair, the asshole, Harris didn't wake up one morning and think to himself, "How can I save even "more" money? I've managed to grind poor people into the dirt (where they belong,
ha ha!!) what else can I do? I know, I'll poison some hick town's water supply, kill a few people and save another fifty bucks!" Harris is a prize prick, but, there was no intent to let anyone die, not even to hurt anyone. But, did his decision to cut back on cleaning the water make him partly responsible for the death of those people? If a person goes to a bar, has a half dozen straight whiskies in under an hour, get's back in their car, drive's the wrong way on the highway and kills someone, should they, at a bare minimum be held responsible for their behaviour, and/or are they guilty of negligent homicide? So, that's the question that should have been asked by the media twelve years ago. Did the Harris government's decision to cut back on cleaning Walkerton's water cause the death of those people? If so, who should be held accountable? The person who ultimately made the final decision to cut back cleaning the water perhaps; why not? Surely someone higher up the food chain than those two imbeciles, the Koebel brother's. If Harris had the last word and he made the decision to cut back on treating the water, is "he" responsible or the person in his government who foolishly advised him to do so? Let's ask Lady Margaret what she thinks. Over to you, Maggie.