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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fisted by the invisible hand of the marketplace
All those middle and upperclass white retirees that were planning to vote for John McCain might want to think again now that their retirement plans are going to include a lot more Alpo than arugula.

The next person who tells me that government should be run like a business gets a punch in the throat. While bringing back the public stocks (as opposed to the stock market) has a certain visceral appeal, something else is also called for. Maybe John McCain can take another day off from campaigning. After all, he was all in favour of investing America's Social Security funds in the stock market as recently as six months ago and two weeks ago told us the fundementals of the economy were strong, so clearly he knows what he's talking about.
Meanwhile, the peasantry seem to be getting restless. I think the smart money is now in pitchfork and torches futures and the tar and feather commodities.

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Mudhooks said...

I thought this take on the failure of Congress to pass the bill to bail out Wall Street (and all the finger-pointing resulting from said failure) was good.... Sad but true.... Every one of them is fiddling while Rome burns and then blaming "partisan politics" because they can't agree om the tune.

Meanwhile, Bush dithers.


PS, Kevin, thanks for the get well comment... getting there.... getting there.