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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Freeping the Mothercorp

a new Spiritual Leader of the Moment

Heather Mallick uses her CBC column to makes fun of conservative men's teeny weenies and go up one side and down the other of Caribou Barbie with the iron rod of snark. Predictably, the National Post and Fox News, paragons of rectitude where n'er is heard a discouraging word of hyperbolic invective, cannot let such a grievious, base slander stand unchalleged and unleash their knuckledragging hordes. The CBC, creaking under the load of cheetos-stained missives, caves in , takes the column off its site and begs the indignant troglodytes to holster their crayolas. Alison is among the many majorly ticked off and RossK and I have suggestions. Get those cards and letter sent people.

Heather has often gotten under conservatives skins and is likely to continue to do so. That is why she is our new Spiritual Leader of the Moment.


West End Bob said...

Way to go, Rev. . . . .

Anonymous said...

Mallick has a standing invitation to use my pad as a leftist safe-house and to eat my groceries.
What a genius.