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Thursday, October 08, 2009

An armed society is a polite society?

Another couple of responsible gun owners killed.
I suppose we should be grateful it happened at home and not at one the kids soccer games to which Mom regularly brought a sidearm.
How long before the firearms fetishist choir declares "she'd still be alive if she'd spent more time on the range practicing her quick draw" or "if the kids had been packing too, they could have stopped Dad!"


janfromthebruce said...

reading some of the comments, is well breathtaking. One person suggested that violence isn't associated with guns, and it's been around since the time of dawn.
P.S. "quit reading the liberal press."
Didn't matter if actual stats with link to source sited.

Shinigami Kayo said...

Seriously, can one expect a totally fair sports event in todays day and age. Bias creeps in. Religious, cultural. Especially when some twisted 14 year old referee is over seeing the game. By bringing a gun, you establish your constitutional right for all to see. The right to blow away anyone threating you with unamerican calls that could adversly affect the chances of your team winning.

More parents should carry guns to sporting events and show what it means to be an American.

the rev. paperboy said...

yes! that would certainly show what it means to be american!; )

democommie said...

I saw this on the web this morning and sent it to a couple of other people who will put it on their blogs. I'd put it on mine, but nobody that's welcome at my house would be defending the "Armed society is a polite society" bullmeme.

It's true that "guns don't kill people"; fucking idiots with guns kill people.

There will be a veritable deluge of comments on various blogs by those lunkheads who think the Constitution begins and ends with the second amendment.

the rev. paperboy said...

democommie, I always figured the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" should have specifically included the right to not be killed by gun-toting whackjobs.