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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Why cops don't belong in schools

My only question about this incident is why it took so long to happen.

Teens question authority. It is what they do, it is practically hardwired into the DNA. Putting an authority figure in their way for no good reason is just asking for trouble. If that authority figure is a coach or a teacher or a vice principal, even one with a chip on their shoulder, they are at least used to dealing with kids. A police officer may not be as experienced in dealing with kids. And one that decides to arrest a teenager for making "bacon" jokes or being a smart ass, is not someone who should be working in a school.
Who is the cop supposed to be protecting the students from? And who is protecting the students from the cops?


Anonymous said...

My old school seems to have changed in the past 20+ years! Too bad it didn't become news worthy for discovering a cure for bad music rather than this incident.


zoomer said...

Vancouver's had it for years under the Community Policing Policy. The difference is that the officer stays in his _office_ and is available for public or anonymous talks during and after school hours. I shot some video for them two years ago and they boasted that there hadn't been one recorded incident of violence or arrest. Go figure.

democommie said...


"... they boasted that there hadn't been one recorded incident of violence or arrest. Go figure."

What do you expect in a country where a crime of violence proceeds along these lines:

Perp: Excuse, me, Sir? Would you be so kind as to give me any monies or valuables---excepting, of course, those personal items that are of high sentimental value?

Vic: So sorry, I must admit to a momentary state of impecunity. I will however be getting paid on the morrow and should be coming this same way home with a pocketful of folding cash, at about this same time.

Perp: Very good, Sir; until the morrow then.