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Thursday, May 29, 2003

I will not make gratuitous Anne of Green Gables jokes, I won't I won't I won't

Typo in newspaper article links P.E.I. tourism to phone sex line

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. (CP) - A misprint in a U.S. newspaper article on Prince Edward Island has caused some red faces in the province's tourism industry.

A 1-888 number mentioned in a recent Boston Globe article was inadvertently changed to a 1-800 number that connects callers to a racy phone sex line.

Don Cudmore, executive director for the Tourism Association Industry of P.E.I., called the mistake "unfortunate . . . a 30-second story."

Cudmore said Wednesday he hopes the story's appeal will end soon and his industry, whose slogan is Come Play On My Island, can get back to the basics of trying to attract more visitors to the province.

Carol Horne, an official with Tourism P.E.I. in Charlottetown, said her office has received several calls and e-mails about the misprinted number.

She said the province is trying to locate the U.S. owner of the sex-line, but has had no luck so far. The government would like to purchase the number and retire it for good.

Horne admitted that purchasing the line may not fit into P.E.I.'s budget since initial research has shown it could cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

(Summerside Journal-Pioneer

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

You can try Graeme and Kate at: anterra@kw.igs.net

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

btw good sir,
my cattle have taken GREAT offense at being compared to that Sheila Copps, and have plain stopped givin' milk.
c'mere bessie, c'mere girl, it's ok
he didn't mean it....

eatin' dry cereal,

this note is regard'n yer flush-out-the-taliban-with-the-neked-women-trick.

i support it!!!
now i'm ready and waitin' in my lawn-chair, a cold beer in one hand, and you know WHAT in the other, thats right, my SHOTGUN!
so fars i've eyed:
- two snakes
- half a squirrel(the result of 7 cats)
- a porcupine
- a rusty, smokin' chevy truck complete with gun-rack and...
- a voracious horde of blackflies.

there are no, i repeat NO neked women walking by, DAMN!!!!
this ain't gonna work for us backwood rural types, so i'm a goin' back inside ta find my own neked woman. EMMA!!!!!

p.s. i think the guy in the truck might a been half neked

rough hugs,

I have just found the greatest antiwar, antibush site
http://homepage.mac.com/leperous/PhotoAlbum1.html go there now, thank me later

Monday, May 26, 2003

What can I say except that it is extremely cool....how is it going at your end Cliff? does she have you wrapped around her little finger yet? Have you slept since January?

'there's no sex and drugs for Ian, I find mandolin strings in the middle of Austin'
Actually it isn't madolin strings I need, its madolin lessons, though not necessarily for me. One of the guitar player in my band, the Voodoo Hoodoos, bought a mando this week and needs to learn some chords etc. Anyone have any advice? Anyone have Chris Scales email? How about Graeme's?

May ghod and Pierre Trudeau forgive me, I know its a serious issue and all, but when I heard they had found a mad cow in Alberta, my first thought was that it was Sheila Copps trying to drum up support for her bid for the Liberal leadership.......