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Friday, November 02, 2007

Even the paranoid have enemies

Dave already has a post on this up at the Galloping Beaver but I thought I might as well put it up here too, as this is a story that really deserves a lot more attention than it has been getting.

Remember back at the end of August when a bunch of nukes were "mistakenly" put on a B-52 and flown from one air base to another. Well, the USAF has now explained it was all a big whoops and punished a few people involved. So, there's nothing to see here, move along folks. Look, Britney Spears has a new album out!

Read this piece over at the Smirking Chimp and start demanding some answers.

The problem with this explanation for the first reported case of nukes being removed from a weapons bunker without authorization in 50 years of nuclear weapons, is that those warheads, and all nuclear warheads in the US stockpile, are supposedly protected against unauthorized transport or removal from bunkers by electronic antitheft systems--automated alarms similar to those used by department stores to prevent theft, and even anti-motion sensors that go off if a weapon is touched or approached without authorization.

While the Air Force report doesn't mention any of this, what it means is that if weapons in a storage bunker are protected against unauthorized removal, someone--and actually at least two people, since it's long been a basic part of nuclear security that every action involving a nuclear weapon has to be done by two people working in tandem--had to deliberately and consciously disable those alarms.

Now, I'm not a conspiracy freak or anything of the sort. I believe we did land on the moon, that the World Trade Center was brought down by crashing jets, that the Bilderberg group is just a high level coffee klatch and that the Freemasons are just a social club that does some nice charity work. This bit definitely raises some eyebrows though:

* Why hasn't the Air Force or the FBI investigated the 6-8 untimely deaths including three alleged suicides, one of a Minot weapons guard, one of an assistant defense secretary, and one of a captain in the super-secret Air Force Special Commando Group, as well as alleged fatal vehicle "accidents" involving four ground crew and B-52 pilots and crewmembers at Minot and Barksdale? Could any of this strange cluster of deaths have been related to the incident? The Air Force "investigation" didn't even mention these incidents, and as I disclosed in my article, none of the police investigators or medical examiners in those incidents had even been contacted by Air Force or other federal investigators.

Now I'm not willing to go the whole nine yard the author of the article does and attribute the whole thing to Dick Cheney planning to use the nukes to stage a false flag strike on the US to start a war with Iran, but if it wasn't him it had to be someone that has some pull, because you don't just check out nuclear warheads like they were the latest new release at Blockbuster Video. The whole thing is a little too Seven Days in May for my liking

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Human Tetris
This one goes out to Dave from Jim Dandy Goodness, who loves to see the goofy side of Japan

For Post-Halloween Withdrawal
Oooooooh! scary stuff kids. Betcha didn't know Bergman made horror films, well neither did Count Floyd. All that existential angst and depression, wow, that's really scary!

Weekend blues
See that guy on the left doing the singing - that's "my caucasian" Mike Daley. Sure he's a big rock star now, but I knew him back in Burlington when his nickname was Beatle. Oh, and the guy sitting down? Jeff 'Freakin'' Healy, who obviously rocks, despite that whole "Roadhouse" thing.
Whipping Post!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Regrets, he's had a few
I missed this one last week as I was busy blowing out birthday candles before the kitchen caught fire, but apparently Conrad Black regrets giving up his Canadian citizenship.

Black, who might have faced a lighter sentence if he'd been tried in Canada, admitted to Men's Vogue that he wished he hadn't surrendered his Canadian citizenship -- after a public battle of wills with former prime minister Jean Chretien -- to take up a seat in the House of Lords.
"I do regret giving up my Canadian citizenship," he said, "but I always said I would
take it back."

Well, boo-frickin'-hoo yer lordship, I guess the House of Lords kind of regrets it too. I mean, really, when you get turfed from the Conservative side of the House of Lords for being an arrogant, autocratic robber baron and crook maybe its time to rein in the hubris just a smidgen. As for your Canadian citizenship, which you happily tossed aside to become a titled foreign aristocrat, you might be willing to "take it back" but I don't see the line forming to sign the petition to make you an offer.

Black is to be sentenced on Nov. 30. for obstruction of justice and three counts of mail fraud. He faces a maximum of 35 years in federal prison. Start chilling the champagne.

Monday, October 29, 2007

You can't tell the truth about me, I'll sue!

Many thanks to Zorpheous of the Wingnutterer for the graphic and to Impolitical for the story. What a bunch of pathetic crybabies.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


From Crackle: Mr. Deity and the Intel - Season 2, Ep 1

If you missed season on of this great Web series, you can find them on Youtube and on itunes

Things you should read

S,N!: Members of the not-insane community tell us that it really has been astonishing to see Oshry, Johnson and their assorted venal hangers-on attack each other with the rapacity they normally reserve for rational people.
DA: Well, it’s sort of like watching piranhas being ripped to shreds by locusts as they skeletonize a pack of hyenas who are polishing off the last few crumbs of the Manson Family. Terrifying, yet one can’t look away.

Dave Neiwert at Orcinus is one of those blogs everyone should read every day and send money to regularly. Lately, he's been slapping TV and radio muttonhead Glen Beck around over his comments on the fires in California. He's on the blogroll, check him out.

Meanwhile, back in The County

Apparently things have changed in Picton since I lived there. I can't believe these folks managed to get a business licence out of the greybeards that used to run The County. Not that there weren't plenty of uh..."hemp" fans around. As I recall it was a major local cash crop...I wonder how much of the product they source locally? Operation County indeed.