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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Preach it Brother George!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Murder in Moondust

The Second Life drama continues to unfold with a coerced confession, an academic digression and the interrogation of  RevPaperboy Boozehound. Come and read all about it at the Murder in Moondust blog.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bring me the head of Martin Biron
Just watched the first two periods of the Canadiens-Flyers game before running off to work. The Habs were down 3-0 on some soft screened shots that wunderkind Carey Price should have stopped. Biron continues to stand on his head for the Flyers and I am much vexed, so here is some inspirational music.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Addendum--It's two hours later and I finally found out what happened in the third period. Apparently Darien Hatcher is continuing to prove that he and the Flyers are the class of the league, though I suppose we should be grateful he hasn't bitten anyone yet. Though what can you expect from a team whose fans boo "O Canada"? And speaking of class:

Flyers bad boy Steve Downie got the crowd going again near the end of the first period, tripping Price behind the net and attracting several Canadiens as a melee ensued. The crowd once again showed its IQ level when it shouted "U-S-A, U-S-A," during the fight. Their hero, Downie, is from Newmarket, Ont.

Nice to see that we didn't let Biron off with a shutout at least, and Koivu continues to impress with both his talent and he drive, but we need more goals and we need more toughness on the forechecking. And Downie should get thumped everytime he steps on the ice next game.

Price was clearly rattled by the first goal and Carbo did the right thing to pull him in the third, although since the Flyers only had two shots on net in the period thanks to the extended powerplay, Halak wasn't really tested. Price will come back and shut out the Flyers on Thursday -- he hates to lose. Just ask Boston about game seven.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I guess hippies don't sue

Sorry to have stiffed you on the weekend entertainment videos this week, but I've been getting up early to watch hockey via dodgy internet streams (and yes, I feel Tom Kostopoulos was an excellent choice for Spiritual Leader of the Moment. Three goals all season and now three goals in the playoffs, including the overtime winner in the opening game against the Flyers. 'Nuff said!) but while catching the latest in North American commercials I was aghast to see the ad for this product:

At first I thought it was an update on the old Sy Sperling ads. The TV commercial features clean cut corporate types of a certain age with facelifts, capped teeth and a hint of salt and pepper at the temples cavorting with hip twentysomethings - surfing, hiking, playing electric guitar with a hot young blonde hanging off one shoulder.

It is hair dye for aging boomers "It's for the generation that swore it would never get old. And didn't." That rumbling sound you hear is Jerry Garcia rolling over in his extra wide grave.

Now, I know it is just me being closed minded and judgemental, so feel free to harsh on me in the comments, but I'm always a bit suspicious of men who dye their hair. It just seems vain and dishonest in men in a way that it doesn't for women. Maybe it goes back to Ronald Reagan, maybe it goes back to the subverting of one of my childhood heroes:

thus, it all returns to hockey.

'Funny,' but not 'funny - haha'

I'm hardly the first one to blog about Tony Zirkle's recent speaking gig in front of a group of Nazis to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday, but you have to see this bit from the man's own website to really get a handle on just how far up the delta of the Crazy River this guy has swum.

I'm considering discussing divorce aids and my plans for a "Derrenger's (sic) for Dildos" policy to put guns in American women's hands instead of divorce aids. Presently, when a criminal is arrested for a weapons crime, the prosecutors seek orders to destroy those weapons. What a waste! Put our criminal prisoners to work modifying those guns to be smart-guns that can only be fired when the female owner is holding it so that children don't hurt themselves and so that criminals can't use them (unless they use the woman's hand). When a women turns in her stash of divorce aids, then give her a free gun to defend America when the jihadists follow us home....

(brief amount of crazy snipped)

...I may also call attention to the fact that one of the biggest commercial frauds is that divorce aids market themselves as being for "novelty purposes only" so that they can avoid all consumer safety inspections; yet ,they then go to court and claim they have a 1st Amendment so called right to privacy to abuse their bodies. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19333870/page/2/ Who knows what toxic chemicals these women are inserting into the most intimate areas of their bodies and how many men chase children because they can not find comfort from an adult women.

No, really, he actually calls it "Derringers for Dildos." I mean...uh...he's...wow...just, wow.

Truly, this is not the kind of crazy we should run from. This is the kind of crazy we should avoid direct eye contact with as we back slowly and carefully through the nearest exit and bolt it shut behind us before calling in an immediate airstrike on the place.

The Indiana Republican party are doing their best to shove this guy out on an ice floe and deny he is even a party member. Zirkle, on the other hand, claims to have won 30% of the vote in the 2006 Republican congressional primary. A quick look around with the google shows him as a primary candidate in 2004, and Wikipedia lists him as having lost to Republican Congressman Chris "Count" Chocola 70% to 30% in the 2006 primary, so he must have been a party member at some point. And while huge numbers of registered party supporters don't always vote in primaries, 30% is still significant number. I'd guess having a nutbar like Zirkle around made whatever extreme right-wing positions Bushista Chocola and the rest of his party enspouse seem reasonable by comparison. Small wonder the district went democrat in the last election.

The scary part is that Tony Zirkle looks good on paper - he has a fairly impressive resume: Naval Academy and Georgetown grad, former prosecuter and seminarian. He was even a political science professor for a short stretch. Clearly he has either only slipped off the rails in the last few years or he has a history of fooling people into believing he's sane.