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Friday, May 11, 2012

The vilest thing I've seen in a long time

Dear human race,
I am very, very disappointed in you.

P.S. Is it something in the water in parts of the country? Does repeated exposure to loud bangs cause some kind of subtle brain damage? Is it blood poisoning from sucking on lead bullets? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Just knowing that someone was sick enough to make this shooting range target make me furious.

Knowing that they were sold out of them in two days makes me wonder if the Chinese communists weren't on to something with their idea of re-education camps, because until these kind of people learn the error of their ways or are sent away somewhere, Western society is completely screwed.


Reading list update

An update on my Read 50 Books This Year project:

17. Another Day Another Dungeon by Greg Constikyan
A lighthearted comic fantasy novel that reads like a session of Dungeons and Dragons among a reasonably intelligent group of friends with decent senses of humour. Not as over the top as Robert Aspirin's now-nearly-unreadable MYTH series, but not exactly canonical either. You can judge this one by the cover. Moderately entertaining, but I won't be searching the used bookstore for the rest of the series.

18. The Essential Ellison by Harlan Ellison
This 1000+ page tome is the main reason its been so long since I posted an update to this list as it took me a while to plow through. A collection of some of Ellison's best short stories, novellas and essays from the 50's through to the early 90's. This covers the first 35 years of his career, and I'd love to get hold of the updated version that includes the 90's and early 2000's. Say what you want about Harlan Ellison's curmudgeonliness and ego, the mofo can write circles around most of us hacks. Endlessly inventive, horrifying and captivating.

19.Watch Your Back! by Donald E. Westlake
Another day, another Dortmunder comic caper novel. I love these, but they are like eating potato chips - you can't stop until there is no more.

20. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Another grandmaster of science fiction, best know for his paranoia and dark, dystopian view of the future. Another guy who can write circles around us all. Highly recommended.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A proud day

Not only did I start a new job today as copy editor for a national newspaper chain (that's right Canada: I M IN UR PAYPUR EDITIN UR NOOZE) but my son, 12,  greeted me when I came home with the news that he is going into the family business. He is getting a paper route.

And yes, he knows about my internet handle. He also knows my professional history, from delivering the Sault Star as a boy to writing the high school pages and then covering Rotary Club meetings when I was 16 in Hamilton, the grind on the weeklies in across Southern Ontario (Ingersoll, Caledonia, Port Dover, Listowel, Napanee, Picton and Stoney Creek) and the big money jobs for great metropolitan newspapers in Tokyo and elsewhere.

This makes him the fourth generation of our clan to bring you your daily newspaper. My grandfather briefly drove a newspaper delivery truck and my father was a paperboy for several years.

As the blues song says "They call me the paperboy, because I can deliver"

That song hasn't been recorded yet, so enjoy this song, by another Paperboy: