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Monday, August 29, 2011

Enter early and often!

The Toronto Library Worker's Union is sponsoring a contest to show how much people love the library after braying philistine Doug "Tweedledum" Ford suggested close a bunch of them or even selling them off to the private sector because he wasn't sure who this Margaret Atwood person was and anyways the money would be better spent on luring a new NFL franchise to town or some such crap. The first prize in the contest is "quality time" with Margaret Atwood or Michael Ondaatje or one of several other authors.
Now, the Toronto Star tells us that a conservative group has started a similar contest. Entrants have to write an essay or make a video explaining why lower taxes would be good for Toronto. First prize is a lunch date with Doug Ford or Sun typist and failed political candidate Sue Ann Levy. While a quick look at the Mayor's brother tells you that he knows his food, I'm not sure if hot wings and barley sammiches at the Etobicoke Hooters will be to everyone's taste. Mind you, I suppose it would be a step up from whatever Sue Ann managed to catch and kill on the way to work that morning. (if you think I'm linking to either of these dingbats, forget it. I'd sooner canoodle with Crusty Blatchford.)  The contest is here.
I would encourage all of you to enter. I'm going to suggest to them lower taxes would be better for Toronto because then there wouldn't be enough money for the government to spend on baton charges against crowds singing O Canada or sending police to harrass and jail people for peacefully protesting or kettling and arresting people who happen to live near where a peaceful demonstration took place. Not only that but lower taxes in Toronto would also mean less money to provide services and shelters for homeless people, so the government could just take the cheaper option of giving them busfare from downtown out to North York and Etobicoke to panhandle where the people with money live. These suggestions may not win me that first prize lunch , but you never know.
I'm guessing second prize is two lunch dates.