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Saturday, November 26, 2005

the weakest (missing) links
well, there should have been a posting of my review of "Harry Potter and the Onset of Puberty" -- thanks to Watertiger of Dependable Renegade for the headline -- and my book review of Thomas Beller's new book of essays How to be a Man but things are stretched a bit tight at the orfice in terms of staff so I guess they forgot to post them on the website. Stay tuned and I'll see what I can do. In the meantime enjoy the photo, brought to us courtesy of the office's resident kiwi.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble Gobble
It's Thanksgiving in the United States and I for one am thankful that Thanksgiving in Canada was weeks ago and that the man pictured getting a beak job above is not the leader of my country. To my American friends, enjoy the day and do what you can to help those in your own nation and abroad who can't afford to sit down to a huge meal today.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Luc Robatille returns to the LA Kings after being on the injured list with a fractured ankle, an ankle he played eight games on after cracking it in a game in October. Hockey is not a game for sissies.

"In the begining, God made the light. shortly thereafter, God made three big mistakes. The first mistake was called "man." the second mistake was called "Woo-man." The third great mistake was the invention of the poodle. Now the reason the Poodle was such a big mistake, is that God wanted to build a schnauzer, but he fucked up"
-Frank Zappa

"The present day composer refuses to die"
-Edgar Varese

The Rules
A new feature here at the woodshed. I will be featuring installments on an irregular basis from Esquire magazine's regular feature "the rules" subject of course to my own discrection.
to start at the begining :

Rule No. 1:
When alens talk they never use contradictions

Sunday, November 20, 2005

No exit strategy

A short series of photo showing Bush can't get off the stage, much less out of Iraq (via Atrios)