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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend uke blogging

A fine cover of the immortal Asylum Street Spankers tune

Sadly, I cannot find a video copy of the original by the Spankers, so you'll just have to put up with a couple of random vids by God Favorite Band.

Class - we haz it.

Aw, quit whining about the profanity and have a beer.

the Spankers definitely have their mojo working these days - Wammo and Mrs. Wammo just had a baby, the band has new album out on October 6 that you MUST buy and they are touring all over the place with their new show.

Break out the Zimas and crank up Kid Rock, it's party time

I'd like to thank the programming execs at NBC, CBS, ABC and most especially FOX, the folks at People Magazine, the Republican Party, Regnery Publishing, Tipper Gore, Joe Lieberman, the Blue Dog Democrats, everyone on Talk Radio, all the morning zoo crews on radio, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, CNN, all the think tanks and the wealthy plutocrats who fund them - I'm looking at you Richard Melon-Scaife, you wildman! - the idiot fringe of the blogosphere, Walmart, the fast food industry, the conservative Christian movement, everyone who has ever worked in advertising, and most of all the short-sighted, intellectually lazy, attention-span deficient, morally bankrupt, easily entertained, eternally jaded North American consumer: Way to go guys!

We did it!

Hong Kong, Phooey!

Driftglass brings up an important point about Caribou Barbie's speech in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Copyeditur wantid, contact FOX nooze advertizing deepartmunt.

Nope, nothing gets by Greta, except perhaps criminally stupid misuse of the apostrophe. Maybe the ad department's copy editor graduated from the Oklahoma public school system.

h/t to Canadian Cynic and Attaturk

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Joe and Phantom 309

My first experiment with imovie

TW's big joe from rev.paperboy on Vimeo.

A morale booster

This whole swine flu thing is getting old, fast.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday songs and cinema

Join us high in the Second Life skies for an evening of music via Radio Woodshed for your virtual dancing and listening pleasure from 5 pm SLT/8 EDT followed by our weekly moving picture screening, courtesy of the Glorious People's Cinema Project. This week we pick up our Dustin Hoffman retropective with the hilarious political satire "Wag the Dog."

Truer words were never spoken

especially if you work where I work. 'Nuff said.