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Friday, December 30, 2005

In the immortal words of Max Webster
forget that fear of gravity

russian climbing - Google Video

Rubber Chicken Radio
The Blues, the Beats, Mongolian throat singing, sound poetry and peach brandy!
Look way down at the bottom of the link list for Rubber Chicken Radio and tune in now for a four hour broadcast as I guest star along with neighbour and poet Jesse Glass on magician, comedian and clown-prince of Tokyo Steve Marshall's internet radio program.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"I love a man in uniform"
Sez armchair general Stephen Harper, who is getting all gooey about the military in the current election. I agree that Canada should spend a little more money equiping our armed forces -- they need new helicopters and some icebreakers and more money in general, especially in the pay packets of the ranks. Harper, however wants to turn the Canadian Armed Forces into an occupying army in their own country for some reason

Monday, December 26, 2005

Vigilantes and vigilance

From the Times, December 22, 2005

Rail 'groper' chased to his

From Leo Lewis in Tokyo
"A commuter who allegedly groped a
college girl on a crowded train collapsed and died after being chased along a
platform by fellow passengers.
The 40-year-old office worker fled the train
when it pulled into a station after the student screamed and accused him of
groping her bottom and legs.
Four male passengers, including two off-duty
policemen, gave chase, bringing him to the ground as he tried to escape. He died
later in hospital from a heart attack."

This story was all over the Japanese press and made the BBC and the Times of London. I can only speculate as to why it didn't appear in certain publications. Can anyone tell me why this was not on a certain front page?

Christmas photo blogging
A brief sketch by my lovely and talented wife used to sign a Christmas card. Believe me, there is more than a passing resemblance.

We were very lucky that Kentaro recovered from the mumps in time for Christmas. He isn't fat, he just is just swollen in this shot. We called him "hampster cheeks" for about a week.

the wife and kiddies on Xmas day, 2005, outside the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza, following a Xmas day performance of "The Little Match Girl" and "The Three Little Pigs"

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.....