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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Where can I buy a "just watch me" T-shirt?

Trudeau: Yeah, well there's a lot of bleeding hearts around who just don't like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is, go on and bleed, but it's more important to keep law and order in this society than to be worried about weak-kneed people who don't like the looks of a soldier's helmet.

Ralfe: At any cost? How far would you go with that? How far would you extend that?

Trudeau: Well, just watch me.

Ralfe: At reducing civil liberties? To that extent?

Trudeau: To what extent?

Ralfe: Well, if you extend this and you say, ok, you're going to do anything to protect them, does this include wire-tapping, reducing other civil liberties in some way?

Trudeau: Yes, I think the society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power in this country and I think that goes to any distance. So long as there is a power in here which is challenging the elected representative of the people I think that power must be stopped and I think it's only, I repeat, weak-kneed bleeding hearts who are afraid to take these measures.

Mr. Climenhaga is correct, as usual.




It has been suggested by no less than Ottawa's chief of police that he may need the assistance of the military to send the protestors packing, which is a bit rich since most reports seem to indicate the Ottawa cops haven't done anything except help truckers back their rigs into parking spaces since this whole thing started.
I'm all for calling out the Royal Canadian Regiment from Petawawa and having them practice a little counter-insurgency, preferably with extreme predjudice and live ammo. I'm sure the far right would love to have their pawns turned into martyr that they can fundraise off forever, but I promise you that if the army is called out, we will not have this problem again for a long time. Quebec's separatist movement may have survived the War Measures Act, but the FLQ definitely did not. 

Getting rid of a foreign-funded terrorist group occupying the national capital is exactly what the military is for. Are we going to wait for these dingalings to start kidnapping cabinet ministers?

That said, there is a lot the average pissed off Ottawa resident could do. Nothing says "Welcome to our nation's capital, now go the hell home" like a spray-painted truck windshield or door lock keyholes filled with epoxy. Did you know that with the help of a little gasoline truck tires are flammable? Apparently the police have been told to do nothing until further notice, so it isn't like they are going to arrest anyone slashing tires. And those tires are expensive, maybe Rebel News can do a fundraiser or something.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

RIP the Conservative Party of Canada

It appears the Truck Nuts are about to get a lesson in unintended consequences. While they roll around Ottawa, honking their air horns, demanding that Trudeau meet with them so that they can hang him for 'treason' and otherwise annoying the populace - they have handed the Liberal government a gift to last.

In their aping of the Trump and Qanon crazies they see on Fox News and Facebook postings about how drinking bleach will cure COVID, these dingalings have managed to scare the vast majority of sensible voters away from the conservative movement for at least a generation, a job the Conservative Party of Canada has now entered the final stages of  completing. The right-wing loonies in the truck convoy protest have managed to embolden the crazies in the CPC to the point where they have now pushed out Erin O'Toole, who, while a terrible leader and an idiot, was not a right-wing nut job. 

Granted, O'Toole was a feckless non-entity, but he didn't scare away the "reasonable" conservative voter and, more importantly, the corporate donors. No large corporation is going to want to do business with religious fanatics and neonazis, it would be a PR disaster. Those people have always been a part of the conservative movement, but the more mainstream so-called country club conservatives ran the party and kept the crazies out of the spotlight and away from anywhere they could do much damage. Now, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

The end result is that Justin Trudeau will be prime minister for as long as he wants the job and the Conservative Party of Canada, whether led by a returning Max Bernier or some other knucklehead like Pierre Pollievere or Candace Bergen is going to be reduced to a smoking crater.