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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A couple of things today:

First, I finally got my copy of cooking liberally in the mail from the divine SallyH - it is a collection of recipies submitted by the fine folks at Echaton and contains my famous recipie for "Sausage au Rev. Paperboy" formerly known as "Sausage au Kevin" or "Sausage a la Bernice" -- If you're nice and leave a comment, I'll post the recipie.

Second, Todd Snider rules for many reasons, one of them is that he wrote this song:

"Conservative Christian right-wing Republican
straight white American males,
Gay-bashing, black-fearing, war-fighting, tree-killing
regional leaders of sales,
Frat-housing, keg-tapping, shirt-tucking, backslapping
haters of hippies like me
Tree-hugging, peace-loving, pot-smoking, porn-watching
lazy-ass hippies like me

Tree-hugging, love-making, pro-choice and gay-wedding,
widespread digging hippies like me
Skin-color-blinded, conspiracy-minded
protestors of corporate greed
We who have nothing and probably will
until we all end up locked up in jail
by conservative Christian right-wing republican
straight white American males

Diamonds and dog, boys and girls
living together in two separate worlds
following leaders of mountains of shame
looking for someone to blame --I know who I like to blame

Conservative Christian right wing Republican
straight white Amurikin males
Soul-saving, flag-waving, Rush-loving, land-paving
personal friends of the Quayles

Quite dilligently, working so hard to keep the free
reins of this democracy
from tree-hugging, peace-loving, pot-smoking
folk-singing hippies like me"

for the musically minded - its in waltz time (3/4) and I think its in "G" (the people's key)

And finally, I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie this afternoon. Yep, its hard work being a critic - hard, hard work.

The smackdown
Dave Neiwert goes up one side of Michelle Malkin and down the other with a barbed-wire wrapped rod of correction and it couldn't happen to a nicer pathological liar.

Monday, October 31, 2005

GOP to workers: Go Cheney yourselves
This from the comments at Eschaton, the smartest, funniest and sexist bunch of moonbats in the blogosphere,( well except for Toby and Ruprect)

GOP Senate votes to keep wages below Depression era standards