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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A message from the top

Video by Pale over at ACR with some assistance from fellow Galloping Beaver inkstained wretch Alison of Creekside. Needless to say, I won't be quitting the day job I'm looking for to become a professional voice actor anytime soon.


Aren't there more important things to write about?

Don't the White House press corp have more important things to write about? Like the two wars America is involved in or the ongoing economic disaster or the oil spill in the gulf -- isn't there at least a Sarah Palin tweet to decipher or something?

From the Washington Post:

Republicans question whether President Obama deserves a vacation

Really Republicans? You really want to go there?

Obama has embarked on nine "vacations" since taking office, bringing his total days off to 48. Some of those trips lasted a day and some, like his Christmas holiday in Hawaii, more than a week.
By comparison, Bush had visited his ranch in Crawford, Tex., 14 times at this point in his administration and spent 115 days there.

And file this bit under The First Rule of Holes:

The Republican National Committee has taken to calling Obama "the Clark Griswold president," a mocking reference to the Chevy Chase character in National Lampoon's "Vacation" movies. With unemployment claims climbing again, the GOP was hoping its criticism would have a certain national resonance. 

The Secret Service code name for the Qualye family was "The Griswalds" for what I trust are obvious reasons.