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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Stop coddling the maskless morons

Maybe American conservatives should spend some money on their country's educational system instead of sending it to Canadian grifters and idiots. Especially since most of that money is going to be seized to pay the extra policing costs.

Meanwhile, the truck nuts  blocking the bridge in Windsor and the other local covidiots that support them continue to show just how classy they are by sending death threats to local columnists. 

Now, the slack-jawed morons are heading to the Peace Bridge, which connects Fort Erie, Ontario, to Buffalo, New York. And the police are going to let them because they don't want any violence. Tell that to Dudley George or any of the people pepper sprayed and arrested for blocking pipelines on their own land in British Columbia. Tell that to all the people - many of whom were not protestors but simply trying to get to their homes - who got kettled, beaten, peppersprayed and held without charge for a few days during the G20 summit in Toronto a few years back.

And ponies, they all want ponies.

I think Mayor Dilkens' statement should be put to the test. C'mon truck nuts, prove you are willing to die for your cause. Take some of that diesel, pour it over your head and set fire to yourself in the middle of the Ambassador Bridge, that would sure teach Justin Trudeau a lesson, right? 
I can promise you that isn't going to happen. If the Windsor Police SWAT team and OPP riot squad showed up at the Ambassador Bridge and fired one salvo of pepper balls or really let loose and put a few AR-15 rounds into the engine block of a protestor's Ram Charger, the protestors would be gone in the time it would take to find clean pants and find their keys.
Alternatively, the police could just spray the protestors and their vehicles with paintball guns and then arrest every single person with paint on them that comes off the bridge to buy fuel or a sandwich or take a dump on someone's front lawn.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Who says there's never any good news in the newspaper?

I'm sure you will be shocked, just shocked, to learn that Toronto mayoral candidate, right-wing grifter and neo-Nazi pin-up girl Faith Goldy might have played very fast and loose with the election finance laws. And the best part? There is every chance she might do a little time in the crowbar motel for it.

Monday, February 07, 2022

You're welcome: The Last Polka - The Full Movie

so good I posted it twice! or maybe three times

Why this stupid country works

I had a bit of a Corner Gas moment today. I was delivering a bottle of wine to my neighbour as a thank you for him using his snowblower to clear our driveway, twice, during the recent snowstorm that dropped about six inches on us last week. I pretty much had to force my neighbour Doug, who is at least 20 years older than me, to accept the bottle of wine. 

"I was just being neighbourly, eh" said the reason our country works.
His wife threw in the obligatory " oh, he just has a new toy he loves to show off" that comes with every snowblower sold in Canada, and I giggled like a schoolgirl all the way home. 

we may be OK, folks. We just need a few more Dougs.

Whole 'nother Story - February

As the expression goes, I feel seen.

Should the Conservative Party of Canada shoot itself in the foot or the head?


Special thanks to my esteemed colleagues at the National Post for the funniest thing I've read all week. I imagine the Liberal Party's campaign team is enjoying the their version of a post-coitus cigarette at the prospect of running against the human equivalent of that yappy chihuahua that barks anytime cats come on the TV screen and pisses on the floor if you turn the volume up past about three. Pierre  "Skippy" Poilievre has all the dignity, gravitas and charisma of the chihuahua your mailman has to kick aside daily because it won't stop barking and trying to nip his ankles. Justin Trudeau's kids could beat him up and take his lunch money. The only logical explanation for this is that someone in the CPC brain trust looked at a TV and realized that The Big Bang Theory was a popular program and therefore, people would vote for a Sheldon Cooper imitator - even if he wan't a genius and good at heart in the end.

(actual photo of Pierre Poilievere watching children die from Covid-19)

As much as I would love to see Skippy behind the wheel of the CPC, my real wish (unlike Pierre, whose one true wish is to someday become a real boy) is that Michelle Rempel ( R-Calgary-Tulsa) takes over as leader of the CPC. Sure, she is essential a box of Merlot with a blonde wig on top, but just think of the entertainment value. She is pretty much Cecily Strong's impression of Judge Janine Piro with an occasional "eh" thrown in.