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Thursday, January 20, 2022

"Foxes say henhouse security 'goes too far, ' call for cutbacks

I am so heartily sick of editing stories about how local business owners feel that the public health regulation "go to far" or that the plan to allow such "essential" services as gyms and cinemas is "too timid."

I get that they are out of pocket for the rent on their businesses, but as has been pointed out for a the last two years - we are in the middle of a pandemic. The COVID-19 virus doesn't care if you are behind in your rent, it doesn't care if you are bored of staying home or don't like online classes. Opening things back up while the omicron wave is still evident is beyond reckless. Every single wave of this goddamn virus has been the result of governments giving in to whinging commercial interests who are more worried about their bottom line than stopping a plague. 

I am also heartily sick and fucking tired of editing stories about how developers would love to build thousands of affordable homes in Ontario if only the government would get rid of all the "red tape and bureaucracy" that has been holding them back for a decade. That "red tape" consists of things like making sure they aren't building on toxic waste dumps, that the basements won't flood every year because they are building on a flood plain, basic urban planning and zoning so that future residents are stuck wondering why there is a fertilizer plant or a strip bar across the street from their "affordable"  $950,000 3,000 square foot mini mansion or $500,000  luxury condo that was build on what used to be the agricultural Greenbelt in Ontario until Dougie Ford took over and started parceling out what used to be farmland to his campaign contributors. 

Fuck these people. If you live in Ontario, make sure you get out and vote for whomever can beat the Conservative candidate in your riding.