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Monday, February 04, 2008

from the "What will they think of next were they thinking?" Dept.
Somehow I can't see that there would really be that much demand for this, since there is no way in hell a canned cheese burger looks anything like the photo. I've done my share of canoe trips and eaten some pretty exotic campfire fare (Pie, pizza, cornbread or escargot cooked on a campfire anyone? how about a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner cooked in a woodstove? ) but cheeseburger-in-a-can?.....Really?

(and feel free to make gratutious LOLcat jokes in the comments)

"I haz cheezeburger! I need borrow ur can-opener!"

upchuckdate: thanks to the eagle eyes of commenter Steve at the Galloping Beaver, and the cast iron stomach of a man named Honk, we have PICTURES of the foodcrime via (appropriately enough) Something Awful, just scroll down and keep scrolling, if you dare.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Woolworths proves the value of studying literature

C'mon, even Sting has heard of "that book by Nabakov", but staff at Woolworths U.K. and their suppliers are apparently so culturally illiterate that they haven't seen either of the movies, read the book, or been exposed to the name's widespread use in connection with really skeevy porn.
I suppose it's a lost cause to try to get them to stop selling "Dirty Sanchez Refried Beans"