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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bloody Unions

There are certain individuals who used to be with the union who have since chosen to go it alone. This despite the fact that without the union some of them would very likely have been let go after six months and replaced  with another temp. There are others who quit who felt that certain work habits of their fellow union members reflected poorly on them, while forgetting why they joined the union in the first place. All of them ask the same question: "What have the unions ever done for us?"

(a hearty tip of the hardhat to fellow Prog Blogger Matthais in Marburg )


Dr.Dawg said...

Thank you--I needed that.

David said...

I know it's anecdotal bullshit, but I have an uncle who made a very fine living working at Imperial Oil in Sarnia. He hates "lefties" and their ilk, and always votes Conservative. Money in the bank, Harleys, boats, a house by the lake, and he still thinks unions are crap. 'Cause he got his when he could. Why should he have to pay taxes at all? Blargh blargh blargh.

Actually, a lot of my family, who benefited greatly from the unions in Sarnia during the oil boom, have the same set of blinkers on them.

Must be fun to have a pension.

Matthias said...

I'm over a year late but thank you for the kind recommandation!
How's life in Ontario? Haven't been there since the G8/20 circus passed through.
Btw: You have a new follower on twitter ;)