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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Go read it now Part II - Die Harder

"Hey, what's that little grease stain at the bottom of that smoking crater?"

"Oh that? That used to be some douche bag that wrote for the Wall Street Journal - he called Hank Paulson a national hero the other day, turns out he used to work for Paulson on Wall Street."

"So what happened? Tactical nuke? Self-Immolation? Did God smite him or something?

"Nah, he pissed off Matt Taibbi"

If one looks around for a worthy successor to Hunter S. Thompson in the journalistic world today, one must seriously consider Matt Taibbi. While he probably doesn't party like Hunter - who does anymore? - he certainly has studied in the same temple of literary kung-fu as the master. Witness if you will how one slaughters the metaphorical troops, burns the conceptual villages and salts the rhetorical earth of the enemy by lacing up the steel-toed, hob-nailed +eleventy Boots of Ass-Kicking.

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