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Saturday, June 13, 2009

You can't come home again

I don't think Thomas Wolfe meant that phrase to be taken as literally as it seems to be interpreted by Stephen Harper's minions in the foreign affairs ministry. Check out Canada's scofflaw government in action. Apparently obeying court orders is just for the little people, not for the proto-facists of the Stephen Harper regime. Keep digging that legal hole boys, because the more bullshit like this that you pull, the bigger the award is going to be in the lawsuit you will inevitably lose. Sadly, it will be the Canadian taxpayer that will be picking up the tab when you do get sued.

OTTAWA – A Montreal man stranded at the Canadian embassy in Sudan for more than a year did not board a flight home today that had been paid for by his supporters.

The Canadian government did not issue the emergency passport Abousfian Abdelrazik would have needed to catch his flight to Abu Dhabi for the first leg of a journey home to Montreal.

"It was booked. It was confirmed. It was paid. Everything was a go, but he needs that travel document," said his Ottawa-based lawyer, Yavar Hameed.

Hameed said he has not yet been able to speak with his client but assumes he remains at the embassy in Khartoum.

Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn ordered the Conservative government on June 4 to ensure Abdelrazik returns home within 30 days.

He ruled the Sudanese-born man has a Charter right to re-enter his "country of citizenship by choice".

Zinn ordered authorities to immediately issue an emergency passport and arrange transportation from Khartoum to Montreal if Abdelrazik could not afford to do so himself.

My disgust for the government in this case knows no bounds. I'd like to see them all trade places with Abdelrazik. I wonder if they will even let me back in when I decide to return home.

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