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Friday, June 12, 2009

My workplace is doomed

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David said...

I was hoping you would see that. Seemed comically coincidental to your recent posts on the news business. "Aged news". That's a keeper.

the rev. paperboy said...

I prefer to think of it as "vintage news"

David said...

Vintage, of course. My bad for not giving print its due.

Comedy aside, I love newspapers and wish I could subscribe to three or four, and had time to read them. My eyes are exhausted from screen time, and my laptop is not supposed to go into the bathroom (wife!) so print is really a great way to go. Unless your cheapest option is the London Free Press in its current incarnation. I guess it is time to bite the bullet and subscribe to the G&M or The Times. I could read them during my downtime.


the rev. paperboy said...

As a fellow husband and father I know exactly what you mean - I have so much spare time I barely have enough extra money to spend to keep myself amused- sometimes I just while away all those hours setting fire to banknotes while the children fetch me drinks and rub my feet. Then I wake up.

I am kind of spoiled in that I have access to the NYT, the Washington Post and the Guardian at the office every day - Not that I get time to read them properly, but I can usually sneak a section out to lunch with me.

There are few greater pleasures in my life on a Sunday morning than a pot of coffee and a stack of newspapers.

David said...

"a pot of coffee and a stack of newspapers."

You know how Homer reacts to doughnuts? That's the sound I make when thinking of coffee and time to read the paper. Should happen about five minutes before I die. Should have had kids at twenty.


David said...

Stupid broken links.