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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Turner Diaries
Poor, poor Garth Turner. After being a lifelong member of the Tory party, an MP on and off since 1988 and even a cabinet minister in the Mulroney government, he is just now realizing that the Conservative Party of Canada is an elitist old-boys network with little interest in democracy. Well boo-hoo-hoo.

"But my Conservative party believes in free speech, diversity of opinion, co-operation, equality of all people, progressive social values, true environmental protection and stands firm against intolerance, bigotry exclusion."
Umm, yeah, and I used to believe in the tooth fairy - then I turned six and got wise. Anyone who believe that about the Conservative party probably also believe in unicorns that shit rainbows and that the Queen runs England. For a former Mulroney footsoldier like Turner to be spouting all this naive claptrap about how the Conservative Party used to be some sort hippie love-in is disgusting - and what is more disgusting is the free pass that progressives are giving him simply because he is against Harper. Guess what, Osama Bin Laden probably hates Steve Harper too, but that doesn't make him my best pal. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend and just because the conservatives kicked him out for going against the grain does not make Garth Turner any less of a total frickin' wanker. Even if he paints himself Green, it is still going to all be about Garth.

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scout said...

he's made quite an 'aw shucks, it's just me' image for himself. but isn't he still the same garth turner who used to be involved in nebulous sales of stocks without having his license?

i never minded his maverick image, but a con is a con. when he hyped his big blog announcemt the other day though, he lost any credibility he had. really, there wasn't much there. it was playing the media for what he knows will be upcoming elections and i'm sure he'll try other attention seeking techniques to get re-elected as an indy.

really, garth, take the pension and give it up.