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Monday, May 26, 2008

Reading list

I've been too busy with real life stuff both big (death in the family) and small (taking the kids to the movies) to blog this past week, but its not as if there isn't anything else going on out there.

There's an embarrasment of riches over at Alternet of late. John Dolan gives Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens both the figurative kick in the nuts they richly deserve while pointing out that the current neo-conservative movement in North America is simply the old British Tory traditional dish of "the wogs start at Calais" and mourning for lost empire served as fast food rather than pub grub. (Hat tip to Chet at the Vanity Press)

Not to be outdone, Matt Tabbi, in an except from his book The Great Derangement, rains all over the parade of the 9/11 conspiracy movement by suppying a hilarious script of the meeting where Cheney, Wolfwitz and the rest of the Mayberry mafia dream up the 9/11 attacks - with the added bonus of the 700+ comments that ooze paranoia, rage, gullibility, derangement and cheetos in equal parts, with a whiff of the "apartment in Mom and Dad's basement" thrown in for good measure. (Hat tip to Alison at Creekside)

And just look at some to of the stuff on the blogroll! Cowboys for Social Responsibility has the latest installment of the world's most entertaining small town police blotter. Over at Whiskeyfire, Molly Ivors wonders which movie is playing Maureen Dowd's theatre of the mind this week, while on the other side of the Hillary Clinton divide, Driftglass very entertaining wonders just which game the Democrats are playing and where the goalposts were last seen. Meanwhile, Dave Neiwert attempts to pour at least a little water on the burning stupidity being bandied about by the cable cretins on the issue of immigration

And if reading isn't your thing, there are a whole passle of new Asylum Street Spankers videos up on YouTube from their fantastic 10th anniversary concert DVD, which, if you had any sense, you'd have already bought several copies of by now.

And if the Spanker's aren't your cup of ocha, there is my friend Steve "The Ambassador of Magic" Marshal's new video clownery

TTFN - Bisy Bakson

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David Webb said...

Welcome back Rev. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Thanks for the great links, they are making my first day back to work after vacation a lot more tolerable. And a lot less productive.

Kidding. I am never productive.