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Monday, October 06, 2008

Palling around with terrorists

Sarah Palin says Barack Obama palls around with terrorists because an acquaintance of his, William Ayers,was once a member of the Weather Underground, back when Obama was eight years old. As future Alaska Gov. Dave Noon (aw cmon Dave, run! please! Wouldn't you just love to debate her yourself?) points out, the Republicans really don't want to go there.

There is also talk that the Republican smear machine is gearing up to talk about Rev. Jeremiah Wright some more. Oh yeah, lets talk about whose preacher is crazier, the ex-Marine civil rights firebrand that Obama has split with, or the gay-hating, witch-hunting brace of looney toons who speak in tongues and think the Iraq war is part of the God's plan that Palin embraces.

If Team Maverick want to talk about who has connection to shady characters, radicals or ideologues that might affect the way they govern, well, bring it on. McCain has some very, very troubling friends - the aforementioned Watergate spook G. Gordon Liddy, financial deregulator Phil Gram, American Taliban Pastor John Hagee, to say nothing of the various mobbed-up gambling industry types and assorted lobbyists.

And of course, there's this guy:

Update: Dave Neiwert rightfully points out that Palin complaining about Obama hanging out with traitors is very much a case of the pot calling the kettle....uh.... well, you know what I mean . Hasn't she already shown her sympathy for a plan to break up the union? Doesn't she snuggle up every night with someone who favours treason in defense of oil profits?
Over at the Huffington Post, Sam Stein reminds us of John McCain's association with a group that backed Central American death squads.
Finally, in the interest of being fair and balanced, Jesus' General has a video that shines a light on the kind of radical organization Obama has joined and the sort of sleazy company this has put him in.

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