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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where do I sign up?

"Stairway to Heaven" 24/7? Whooo!  But seriously, if they made these with a bluetooth connection to the ipod, I'd probably be on the waiting list now.
Leave your "Best song/worst song" to have stuck in your head forever in the comments.

For the record, I could live with this nonstop for the rest of my life. Everything is cooler when your personal soundtrack is by Miles Davis. 

This, on the other hand, would cause me to rip my own head off my body before lunchtime the first day.


Patrick C said...

I once got "Sk8ter Boi" stuck in my head for about a day. It was a bad day...

Anonymous said...


The worst songs to stick in the head lately are related Disney shows (Hannah, Jonas, etc) and 5 & 7 year old girls that can't get enough of them! I don't even know the names of the songs, but tunes keep running on and on. I find if this happens, I need to turn on any Zeppelin...loud. (I find "When The Levee Breaks" to be particularly good at driving out other songs, especially since it must be listen to at 11.)


Unknown said...

I've had the same problem with Disney addiction at our place -especially the hideous High School Musical stuff - and insipid Japanese anime themes. I find a quick run through of Whole Lotta Love in my head is usually sufficient to drive out the Disney demonsongs.

da-na-na-na-nah da-na-nah da-na-nah
da-na-na-na-nah da-na-nah da-na-nah
You need coolin'....

Anonymous said...

Once again you take me back to high school days...
"What's your favouite Song?
"Led Zeppelin"
"No...Your favourite song?"
"Led Zeppelin"
"OK...At least narrow it down to and album?"
"Led Zeppelin"
"No...Favourite album then?"
"Led Zeppelin...That Jimmy Page, good lookin' guy, too bad he can't play guitar"


joel hanes said...

Dreamland, from Joni Mitchell's Don Juan's Reckless Daughter ran continuously on my inner soundtrack for the entire summer of 1978. May you all be so fortunate someday.
Walter Raleigh and Chris Columbus
Come marching out of the waves
And claim the beach and all concessions
In the name of the suntan slave
I wrapped that flag around me
Like a dorothy lamour sarong
And I lay down thinking national
With dreamland coming on