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Monday, June 29, 2009

And the horses they rode in on

While I have a professional vested interest in stylish writing and rhetorical eloquence, I still think content is more important than form. With all due respect to Marshall McCluhan, the message is the message, the medium merely shapes it. So with this delightful piece from the Guardian in mind, let me offer to those babbling bourgeois Babbitts who are horrified by the nasty language of liberal bloggers but have no problem expressing support for such politely phrased obscenities as "enhanced interrogation" and "collateral damage" a hale and hearty "Fuck you, you soulless motherfuckers." (and I'm looking at a certain cretinous commenter on the thread, not the good Doctor, with more examples of hateful fucktardary collected here by CC)

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David Webb said...

"I still think content is more important than form"

Interesting idea. I might have to try that. Also, fuck.