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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in the Woodshed

Radio Woodshed will be running special seasonal programming starting Dec. 23 straight through Christmas Day and into Boxing Day. And by special, I mean holiday music, comedy and stories ranging from David Sedaris' hilarious Santaland Diaries to stories from the Vinyl Cafe to Tim Curry reading "A Christmas Carol" and lots, lots more.

The holiday fun will kick off at 7 pm EST Dec. 23 with Tim Curry reading Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" in its entire unabridged glory and continues in about a 16 hour loop with stories from O. Henry, Paul Auster, William Burroughs, Dylan Thomas, Lord Buckley and others roughly on the hour, interspersed with music from holiday music by Carly Simon, Neil Diamond, the Crash Test Dummies, Aretha Franklin, Bing Crosby, the Asylum Street Spankers, and Tom Waits among many others and comedy by John Cleese, the Arrogant Worms, the National Lampoon, Steve Martin and many, many more!
Just click the radio over on the right to tune in.

Special thanks to technowizard PB for fixing my Shoutcast connection from his iPod Touch while in the middle of dining out. Santa will be extra good to you this year.

The Tim Curry Christmas Carol will be rebroadcast again at 8 pm (EST) Xmas Eve and from noon on Xmas Day with lots of music and other stories long and short in-between.


West End Bob said...

Sounds like a holiday delight, Rev.!

Lookin' forward to it . . . .

David Webb said...

A perfect start to the holidays. My wee girl and I will be tuning for the opening story. Just the thing to get her ready for bed.

Unknown said...

And right on time as I'm about to start, the Shoutcast server goes kablooey! Gah!

Unknown said...

Problems solved - we are on the air! It helps to have elves on the payroll.

stevewoodsteel said...

Merry Christmas, Rev.
After rushing to all your parishes do stop by if you find yourself in the southwest of Ontario.

democommie said...

Mr. the rev. paperboy, Sir:

I don't know if I can get your Xmascast but I got a song for you.

To the tune of "Jingle Bells"


JESUS KKKlaus Our Lord

Please come down from Heaven
in a huge new truck from Ford

It's your special day

Won't you come down and rapture us
and blow the rest away.

Why go to the Mid-east on some big crusade
there's lots of sortabrownfolks here
who look just the same.

We know they're all al Queda and friends of Saddam.

So once you've taken us away, give them nu-ku-ler bombs.

take us home tonight.

JESUS KKKlaus, just one more thing?
Make sure that Heavens White.

Word verification = "wachlike" is that for "wachlike an Egyptian?"