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Thursday, August 05, 2010

No longer an expatriate

Moving day! See you all soon in the Great White North! Sayonara Tokyo!



SeattleDan said...

A safe journey for you and your family!

David Webb said...

I'm going to miss this old place. I'm looking forward to your new, Canadian-themed decorations.

jcricket said...

Your neighbors to the south in Washington State warmly greet you and your family as you set up on the mainland. Never mind that you spell 'neighbors' incorrectly. We are still thrilled to have you back!


democommie said...

Dear Mr. Reverend Paperboy, Sir:

Now that you are returning from the Land of Sushi, will you have to resume eating back bacon? And, also, too, do you think you can now upgrade your "head desk" thingy so that you gotz a flatscreen monitor?

Safe travels.