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Monday, May 02, 2011

a song for election day

"I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush"

...actually the song is about the use of agent orange in Vietnam, but...well, make up your own metaphor, I'm not sure how this one is going to pan out. But I do like that line.



democommie said...

Mr. Reverend Paperboy, Sir;

I have been remiss in my assaults upon the sensibilities of you and your fellow candahooverites for far too long. It is prolly past polling times, but I just want to say that I hope your elections unmandate Harper, he is an ass.

I think that Mr. Tom Waits makes far better use of the loudhailer than almost anyone in the music biz.

Rev.Paperboy said...

herr Dr. Prof. Democommie (Esq.),
Many thanks for the good wishes. Unfortunately, events have unfolded in such a way that the Dominion is now to ruled by a man who keeps his hair in the fridge and his grubby blackened little soul in the back pocket of the monied and overJesused. I think now is the time to gather the tribes and start that commune in Bora Bora or Costa Rica or Tierra Del Fuego, because Canada is about to become the United States in 2005, at least for the next four to ten years, which will be followed by a civil war with Quebec and the eventual Balkanization after President Palin invades to "protect" the Alberta tar sands and sells off the poorer parts of the country to Koch Brothers to provide involuntary organ donors and mail -order brides.
In the words of the master: "Big Darkness, soon come"
Mahalo, and pass the ammunition.

democommie said...

Just remember, we survived and got us a new, progressive presi--, um, Bora Bora sounds good.