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Friday, December 09, 2011

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season

Shopping season being upon us, we here at the Woodshed are making our list and checking it twice. Kids are often difficult to buy for, as toy trends come and go and today's cool, must-have gadget is tomorrow's obsolete paperweight. Bearing that in mind, we bring you this indispensible  list of the five best toys of all time and a list of runners-up. As a father of two and a big kid at heart I can attest to the accuracy of these lists. I have played with all the toys listed at one time or another and all of them have been a huge hit with both my kids and virtually every kid I know.
Found via Twitter (see, it is too useful for something other than filling time waiting for the bus)



Beijing York said...

Posted that to my Facebook wall and we came up with other great toys: blankets and pillows, snow and mashed potatoes.

Unknown said...

pillows and blankets are great, but you can't really beat couch cushions when it comes to making a fort in the rec room.

Alexis Shabadoo Jr. said...

Hah! Justification is mine! Last Christmas I gave me son (then 2 1/2) a 2x4 and some tennis balls. Everyone laughed, but I knew better.

Unknown said...

this year get him a refrigerator box, or better yet the boxes they ship chest freezers in. He will live in it in your rec room until he starts school.