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Friday, February 24, 2012

Loyal retainer is loyal

So Michael Sona has done what he was hired for and fallen on his sword to deflect blame from his masters. If you honestly believe a 23-year-old communications assistant for a failed CPC candidate managed to organize, fund, co-ordinate and execute the entire "robocall" affair, please write to me. I am in contact with the widow of a former oil minister in Nigeria who needs some help getting  millions of dollars out of the country. All I will need is your bank account number and a signed power of attorney and she is willing to cut us in for millions of dollars. Just send me the information and I will take care of all the rest.
For the rest of you, shall we start a pool on how long it is before Sona is hired by the Manning Centre or the Fraser Institute or some other non-think tank -- or is he more likely to be hired as special assistant to the director of sitting around on our asses drawing paycheques to do nothing? My guess is he becomes special assistant associate director of the Blogging Tories.



evilscientist said...

My money's on Senator Sona...

Holly Stick said...

Maybe he'll get moved to "Ethical Oil" and Kathryn Marshall will be demoted to robo-call work. She could supply the voice if someone else wrote the script for her to stick to.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of Gordon Campbell's two patsies, who took the fall for Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR.

That's not all Harper did. He campaigned on election day, from a radio station in Calgary. He also had the many times convicted American felon, Bruce Carson working for him.

So, between the robocalls, the American felon and campaigning on election day. Seems Harper says, he knows about, none of this. B.S. If we knew about this months ago, so did Harper.

Harper should be tried for treason, for giving Canada away to China, and jailed for life.

Harper is permitting China, to buy up the tar sands. China is bringing their own people to Canada, to work the tar sands and the mines.

China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They refuse to pay WBC for injured workers. They refuse to comply with, Canadian laws, rules and work regulations. Their Chinese workers are paid starvation wages, and no compensation or anything else. China refuses to pay contractors on time and not at all, if they can get away with it.

Harper said, he would protect China's numerous company's in Canada. (which they are bringing their own people for those jobs too)

China is to protect Canadian company's in China. Seems they are having trouble with the corruption, in China. I could give a damn less about them. Canadian company's were only too happy to exploit cheap labor in China, and the even more cheap Child laborers, who only earn pennies a day.

Fadden of CSIS warned about China's encroachment into Canada. Campbell who is Harper's favorite henchman, gave our mill industry to China, along with our raw logs. China also own our BC mines. We own none of our natural resources. They have been thieved and sold, right down, to our g.d. rivers. Harper and Campbell worked as fast as they could, to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot. Before the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals leave, they are planning to totally bankrupt BC, so the next party will have nothing to work with.

We were warned what would happen, if Harper won a majority(which I doubt)....We could kiss Canada good-bye. Our worst nightmares are coming true.

sassy said...

Such a young age to have already sold his soul.

If the penny every does drop for him, there is always the witness protection program.

Unknown said...

I've met a bunch of guys like him. High school politics wonks who rechannel their sexual frustration into working for the party who go off to university to study politics or business or law, then work on a campaign as an underling, often one to which Dad has donated a chunk of money. If their guy wins, they get a job in the constituency office or go to Ottawa with him. If their guy loses and they haven't done a bad job, the party finds a job for them and they eventually either run for office themselves, get appointed to a nice partisan post or slide into a job in communications or admin with a lobby group that has party ties. The luckiest land a six-figure lobbying gig by the time they are 30. The unluckiest burn out or, much more rarely, have a crisis of conscience and get out of politics.