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Monday, November 01, 2021

Well, it appears I've been kicked off Twitter, so I guess it's goodbye micro-blogging and hello again macro blogging -- or as we used to call it just blogging. 

I know I was naughty because I matched an unresasonable and unrealistic and horrible belief with a similar one of my own. 

A Missouri congressional candidate named Mark McCloskey - you can find him by googling 'congressional candidate, rape, incest, 13-yeaer-old" said that he "believed" 13--year-old rape and incest victims should not be allowed to have abortions.

I tweeted that I "believed" that someone should set Mark McCloskey on fire and put it out with a shovel, clearly hyperbole and a joke. I don't really think you could put that kind of fire out with a shovel. 

But the important message that got lost was that we all believe different things. Which is fine. McCloskey believes that society should not protect 13-year-old rape and incest victims. I believe society should not protect arseholes who don't think we need to protect 13-year-old rape and incest victims, so obviously we are both equally wrong here and I should not be allowed at Twitter account while he should. 

Fuck Twitter, I'm back to mega blogging


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