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Thursday, January 27, 2022

From the Land of Living Skies and dead brains

There's dumb, and then there is People's Party of Candidate racist anti-vax dumb.

Notorious meathead Mark Friesen, despite having a case of COVID so severe that he had to be airlifted from Saskatchewan to Ontario due to overflowing intensive care units in Saskatchewan hospital, and despite being so sick he lost nearly  60 pounds, still thinks vaccinations are a bad idea. Boy oh boy, the PPC sure can pick them. 

Friesen would like to taking part in the big truck convoy and all, but he is still too sick. 

In the words of Strother Martin's character in Cool Hand Luke: "Some  men you just can't reach."

Meanwhile, while the province's eminently qualified and sensible top medical officer of public health says it is too early to start lifting restrictions, half-bright failed farmer and notorious drunk driver Premier Scott Moe is all for just giving up and letting COVID run its course.




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