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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Five years
There will be plenty of articles like this one this week. I hope to see some mass media mea culpas about the role of the press, especially in the United States, in beating the war drums on the neo-cons behalf, but I don't really expect to see any of them admit they were wrong about anything ever. The whole public argument for going to war was specious from the start. No one can prove a negative. You can't prove Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction beyond all doubt, even if you X-ray every inch of it. To people who are convinced something is so, will not be dissuaded it is not so, they will just invent ways the evidence supports their theory.

While he tries to salvage some shred of superiority in the last few paragraphs, this admission by Joe Klein that he was "Stupid, stupid, stupid" to think the Iraq was was a good idea is a fairly abject apology, all thing considered. Who's next ? I'm looking at you Christopher Hitchens

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jj said...

5 years! And no end in sight. Didn't someone say "6 days, maybe 6 weeks, no longer than 6 months"?

Not only that but $3 trillion -- also a long way from the original estimate (wasn't that $2 billion?).

What an unmitigated disaster.